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Odyssey Teams provides organizations with revolutionary, relational teamwork experiences that help individuals to better understand the impact of what they say, think, feel and do has on their teams, companies, communities and beyond. We don’t just build teams – we transform people.

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Why Us

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For over 25 years, Odyssey Teams has been building radically different team development and leadership experiences—bringing your team members into contact with the human impact of their work and building organizational cultures that lead with compassion, accountability and a sense of community.

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Connecting You

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Odyssey Teams helps individuals to understand the value of their principles and how they connect with the larger story of their organizational culture. Each team member weaves something important into the organizational fabric—and Odyssey Teams helps individuals to see both the sum and their parts.

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Impacting People

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Odyssey Teams puts individuals into contact with the fact that organizations are made up of and serve real, living-breathing people with thoughts, feelings and motivators that are fundamentally similar. How we work with and for those people with each choice we make impacts the communities where we live and work.