Play It

Put the “fun” in teamwork fundamentals with our Play it Forward experience, which brings teams together (separated into groups of up to 10) to build, play with and donate Cornhole boards. Your team will not only work together to assemble high quality boards – they’ll also work together to win the most points in a rousing competition before donating the board and associated materials to the local organization of their choice. This light-hearted option is perfect for reminding teams of the positive values that bind them together. Available both for live solicitation and in the form of a DIY kit.

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Every Odyssey Teams experience is designed to get people thinking beyond the functions of their work, their titles, cubicles and e-mails to tap into something deeper. We get to the heart of why we work, why we serve others, and what it means to be a part of a community united in values, compassion and purpose.


Every organization is fueled by the people behind it: their values, their motivators, their ethics and their mission, all of which come together to form their principles.

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