Our team is composed of some of the most compassionate, engaged, thoughtful team and leadership development experts in the nation. Working with the very principles on which our company is formed, each of our team members contributes something special to the work we do each day – and they’ll do the same for you.

Bill John

There ain’t nothin’ Bill John can’t do. Seriously. If you asked him to make a rocket out of a palm tree, it might take him a while, but he’d find a way. Bill’s one of those guys who’s just naturally good at things. Athletics. Business. Inventing.

Lain Hensley

Everyone wants to be Lain Hensley’s friend. Lain is one of those rare people who sees what people often don’t see in themselves. The beautiful beginner. The sacred wonder. He’ll reveal your magic and he’ll get you to believe. He is generous, smart, and oriented to making things better.

Todd Demorest

Todd Demorest has had a life-long affair with the mischievous ingenuity of his own intention. He wakes up with it every morning. Takes it dancing through his work in life. And wraps his arms around it at home. For the past 25 years, he has affirmed, “I feel good today!”

Kim Clary

Kim Clary’s smile and infectious laugh will be the first things to make you gravitate towards her, but it’s her ability to bring out the best in you that is her gift. And you will likely not even realize it’s happening. She is flat-out fun from start to finish. That is why she is Director of Client Success with Odyssey Teams.

Cynthia McNeil

Consultant, facilitator, coach… Cynthia McNeil will tell you what experience has told her: a healthy culture is at the heart of any successful organization. She helps people break through to their best by examining the interactions that define who they are. Cynthia has over 25 years of experience specializing in transformational and accelerated growth.

David Ferrera

David Ferrera is a giver. He’s smart as a whip, humble and gracious in all his efforts to make things work well for Odyssey and its’ clients. David facilitates Odyssey sales and programs and has been doing so for over a decade.

Kristina Brandt

Bold and brave, Kristina's strong suit is enthusiastic leadership. Her heart, passion and incessant hunger for greater challenges invites professional and personal development. She’s as sharp and useful as a swiss army knife.

Whitney Callender Demorest

With a master’s degree in psychology, Whitney Callender Demorest understands the impact our perspective has on influencing our success and happiness. She incorporates that philosophy into the programs she designs and facilitates. A fifth generation Hawaiian, she practices yoga, enjoys photography, is committed to the wellbeing of her and family.

Lauren Ball

Lauren Ball is extraordinary in whatever role she’s been assigned. She has decades of experience with Odyssey and in the training and development industry. She is a whiz at curriculum design and training and she continues to shape Odyssey’s facilitation team with her powerful insights and bold nature.

Frank Hackney

Frank Hackney. By the age of eight Frank had learned the difference between watching from the sideline and being on the field. From that point forward there was never a moment when he didn’t want to be in the game. Driven by an insatiable hunger for innovation and new experiences, Frank facilitates programs.

Scott Amick

Scott Amick once spent 80 days straight in the wilderness. While working with Odyssey Teams Inc., he is most often found outdoors as well. Scott has been facilitating ropes course programs for Odyssey for a number of years. In addition, he holds a masters degree in Advanced Biochemical Analysis, which has translated into a career.

Joseph Crudup

During the past two decades Joseph Crudup has facilitated programs and built Ropes Courses for Odyssey and other companies around the globe. He has made an art out of thinking ahead and supporting individual and team transformation. He can anticipate what needs to be done and before you can say, “Could you please…”

Scott Morris

Scott Morris is a trailblazer. Literally. For 10 years he’s poured his time, sweat and creativity into developing more than 40 miles of multiuse trails around his community. Odyssey’s Prevention and Youth Development Specialist Scott has helped smooth the path for hundreds of kids and corporations, from Paris to Seattle with his brand of leadership.

Sarah Healy

If Greek mythology had not been dreamed up a few thousands years ago, Sarah would have inspired it. A blend of Athena and Zeus, she has great power, but uses it carefully and justly. She is a force of nature and aligns herself with truth, introspection, balance, passion, heart, awareness, and joy.

Jessica Souder

Jessica Souder. Running and winning races at every age is just one of the ways Jessica has pushed herself to excellence. She has raised amazing kids, found deep fulfilling love in her marriage, and brings a calm to the Odyssey storm. She has said, “YES” to just about everything life, and we can throw at her.

Jeremy Bates

Spend an hour with Jeremy Bates, and life becomes different. Something about the way he walks through life, the way he sees the world, that is contagious.

Carol Jones

Carol Jones is relational to the core. Whether she is camping with her family of five, a bike ride with friends, or working to provide excellence for Odyssey’s clients, Carol is driven by her love for people. She juggles incoming calls, emails, shipping orders, inventory, and whatever else falls on her desk.

Jen White

Jen has always had a penchant for numbers. 15 is the number of years of experience she has in the field of accounting. 1969 is the year of her Camaro. 26.2 is the miles she raced in Paris last year. Keeping a sharp pencil and a watchful eye on all the numbers, Jen keeps pace.

Craig Cooper

Craig Cooper is Odyssey’s “bike guy.” He owns a bike business in southern California and supplies the products for our Life Cycles programs. Craig has been part of the team for sixteen years, ensuring that our bikes are in ship-shape and ready to roll. Thousands of children have experienced a direct benefit from Craig’s work.

Jeff Christian

Jeff lives life in line with his C4 philosophy – communication, chemistry, consistency and creativity. Communicating with an emphatic ear, achieving chemistry through connection with others, consistently challenging thoughts and perspectives and overcoming fear to share ideas and create a better world. Jeff integrates this philosophy in his work as a nurse.

Derek Duong

Pre-nursing, animation, and construction with Habitat for Humanity are just a few of the pursuits that fill Derek’s time away from the Odyssey office. And though his attention might be divided in regards to his free time, while at Odyssey he is nothing if not focused. Arriving via skateboard, Derek is detail oriented and deliberate.

Holly Hoeksma

Be it hiking and exploring or backpacking and whitewater rafting as a professional guide and trainer, Holly seeks adventure at every turn. She brings over twenty years of experience in the team building industry home to the Odyssey Headquarters. As the Team Development Coordinator here at Odyssey, Holly puts her ten years of work to help others.